Reputation Marketing

Every small business starts their marketing journey the same way with word of mouth referrals.

It’s the foundation of every small business and based on their reputation, which in essence is their BRAND! Many of these businesses continue with this form of advertising as their sole form of marketing, while others add other more traditional marketing channels to increase the size of their business faster!

Regardless of the type of marketing a business conducts (referrals, online or offline), their reputation and brand is under attack in todays world and most don’t even know it!

Ever heard of reviews? How about all those Star Ratings you see in the search results of Google? Yep, you guessed it. These reviews and ratings are telling the world about your reputation, good, bad or non existent! Sites like Yelp, and DexKnow and even Google itself make these reviews and ratings available for all to see. Even more troubling is that Google merged 80 million businesses, websites, phone number and addresses with these reviews.

What does that mean? It means when someone looks up your business name and city in the search engines, they see everything that people are saying about you! This is a problem because we all know its the unhappy people that yell the loudest and relying on your customers who love you to speak up is not a winning strategy.

That is where Reputation Marketing steps in! Reputation Marketing is defined as building a FIVE STAR reputation and then marketing that reputation to generate more customers!

We have a very comprehensive program that manages, builds and then markets your reputation to the world!

Think about it, if you have a bad online reputation or no reputation, your prospects don’t trust you. Therefore, if you’re relying on referral business or spending a small fortune on adverting and you don’t have a FIVE STAR reputation for your prospects to see, you’re losing a lot of business and probably money too!

We can fix that problem! Give us a call!