Creating sales material in 10 points

1. Bold Claim on Headline – promise of results or benifits
(revolutionary new xxx converts xxxx of the time)

2. Specific description of the results and benifits of the product or system
(This can go into the video)
– big picture – high level benifits

3. your story – the woe to win story

(This can go into the video)
I struggled with xxxx and I did xxx and it cured my xxxx.

4. The solution – big picture – hook
– Written

5. Testimonials – social proof – don’t need celebrity – everyday people

6. Features and benifits – specific list of what they get and details

7. Price – price juxtoposition -comparison – show the value of what they
will learn in dollars (big amount).

8. Bonuses – what they get on top of ….

9. Guarantee – 30 day promise

10. Urgency – call to action – time bound – scarcity – take action right now because

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